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As you probably know, there are so different germs in your mouth. In fact, each person has to battle these bacteria by brushing and flossing every day. Unfortunately, our toothbrushes tend to harbor all of the germs that are inside our mouth. This is the main reason we recommend not sharing your toothbrush with someone else. Similarly, as you’ve probably guessed, sharing germs can lead to a variety of problems.

You see, several different types of bacteria reside in your mouth. Sadly, the bacteria that causes cavities, which is also known as streptococcus mutans, is extremely contagious. In other words, sharing a toothbrush can actually increase your chances of getting a cavity. Similarly, sharing a toothbrush can also carry other bacteria that you should avoid.

Similarly, many people bleed when they brush their teeth. In other words, if you share your toothbrush, you could also be sharing blood and saliva as well. This can be a serious issue because you could be exposing yourself to blood borne viruses such as herpes and hepatitis.

There are other serious diseases that can live on toothbrushes. For instance, a frayed toothbrush could harbor serious issues, such as the germs that harbor pneumonia. Similarly, toothbrushes can carry HPV, which has been linked to esophageal, oral, and cervical cancers. Finally, sharing a toothbrush can make you more likely to have gum disease.

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