Do you experience intense tooth pain when biting down or chewing? Are your teeth extremely sensitive to hot or cold temperatures? Have you noticed that your gums are swollen or tender? If you notice these symptoms, you may have an infected tooth. When a tooth becomes infected in the dental pulp (the innermost layer of the tooth), you may also notice a persistent pimple on the gums or the tooth becoming darkened or discolored. Without proper treatment, the infected tooth may die and require removal. This also puts the other healthy teeth at risk for developing the same infection. To prevent this and restore the health of the tooth, our dentist may recommend root canal therapy.

During root canal therapy, we gently open the tooth, remove the infected tissues, and reshape the root canal system. We then fill the tooth with a medicated material and cap the tooth with a restoration such as a dental crown. In just one or two visits to Dr. Sami Y. Nouhad’s dental office, we can complete your root canal and restore the health of the tooth. For more information and to discover whether you need a root canal in Los Angeles, California, we welcome you to contact our practice today. We are eager to help you achieve a healthy, pain-free smile!