At our dental practice, we are committed to helping you achieve a smile that is healthy and beautiful for life. While we strive to keep your natural teeth healthy and strong, some conditions may require the removal of a tooth. Dr. Sami Y. Nouhad may recommend tooth extraction (tooth removal) if:

  • There are too many teeth to properly fit in your smile, resulting in crowding
  • Severe infection has destroyed a large portion of the tooth and bone structure
  • The primary (baby) teeth are not falling out as they should and are blocking the permanent teeth from correctly erupting
  • A tooth is so badly damaged or decayed that we cannot restore it with a filling, crown, or other restoration

Our dentist is very gentle and strives to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your treatment. Your tooth extraction in Los Angeles, California, requires just one visit to our office, and if needed, we will recommend socket grafting, tooth replacement, or any other treatments you may need to keep your smile in the best possible health. Our team will also provide you with care instructions so you can make certain that your smile heals quickly. If you would like more information about tooth extraction or any of our other dental services, please feel free to call or visit us today.