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If you have a tooth that suffers from severe tooth decay, lost a large filling, or has been deeply fractured, you should not delay in having the tooth repaired or restored. If it happens to be that there is simply not enough strong enamel remaining to repair the tooth with a filling, Sami Y. Nouhad, DDS might recommend having the tooth restored with a crown.

At the same time a crown might be a good solution to handle a cosmetic issue, for a tooth that has suffered a fracture of chip that is limited to only the enamel layer of the tooth. This is especially helpful for a tooth that is in your smile, that might also lack sufficient enamel to mount a dental veneer.

A crown essentially replaces the entire enamel layer of a tooth with an artificial material. This preserves the healthy interior structures of the tooth, while giving you back the full function and appearance of a healthy tooth.

The material Sami Y. Nouhad, DDS recommends for the crown will be strongly influenced by the tooth’s primary function in your mouth and its appearance in your smile. Almost all crowns are made from gold alloys, base metals, porcelain, or porcelain fused to a metal core.

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth or one of your teeth needs dramatic cosmetic restoration you should call Sami Y. Nouhad, DDS to schedule an appointment.